Why suffer more than has to be?

An absolute must-have for a prophylactic  Ritual before every bike tour.

Our unique chamois cream is now available especially for women.

Cycling is by nature strenuous for the body and mind. Why should you suffer more than you absolutely have to? Sore chafed areas from the saddle really aren't something to bother you when you're pedaling. That is why we developed the ASSOS Chamois Cream around the turn of the millennium (after intensive research and numerous prototypes). Since then, numerous myths have grown up around this luxurious product for cyclists. Our unique Chamois Cream is now in its fifth edition and uses natural extracts to protect your skin against skin irritation and bacterial accumulation caused by friction. We sell tens of thousands of copies every year, which clearly shows that numerous cyclists rely on the moisturizing, regenerating properties of this gentle cream. It reduces friction in the sensitive crotch area and minimizes the risk of inflammation that can develop after long hours in the saddle. By eliminating the risk of chafed areas and the associated pain, the Chamois Cream from ASSOS guarantees that you have one less thing to worry about on the road, while mountain biking or on gravel roads and can take care of other aspects of comfort related to speed and exertion .

Can content: 75ml